Exploring the Use of Social Media in Education from Learners Perspective

The third seminar from the chapter’s seminar series 2018 will be hosting Ms. Yara A. AlHaidari. Ms. Yara will explore the use of social media in Education from the perspective of learners. A summary is provided by Ms. Yara as follows:

Social media has affected different fields of our lives, students are using and contributing to social media tools formally and informally to benefit from networking research, engagement and motivation. In this seminar, we will discuss the research that explored the use of social media tools by students in terms of formal and informal learning, inside and outside of the learning management system (LMS). An online survey was designed and distributed an online survey to higher education students in Saudi Arabia. The number of participants was 102, and 88 of them were female students, the rest were male students. The results show that social networking tools are the top consumed tools with 81% of responses, on the other hand, document sharing tools are the top tool the participants contribute to with responses. There is a significant different in the use of social media based on scope of use, inside and outside of LMS, this difference is due to the nature of the tools, academic level and scope of interaction.

We are delighted to have Ms. Yara shared her work on the 28th of April (10pm to 12:30am) at Badir. Mark your calendars and join us!

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