Membership Renewal

Dear members, The past year was made up of an exciting series of events that we were delighted to have shared with you all. As the first years of the chapter comes to an end (May 17th), we are happy to remind and encourage our members to renew their membership by reapplying here. من أجل […]


Membership is open to anyone interested in HCI or working in the field. Our KACST ACM SIGCHI Chapter is a collection of people that are associated with SIGCHI who share a common location in the Riyadh region. Chapters are groups of people, who, by banding together, can speak with a common voice within SIGCHI; can […]

Current Members

Current Members – Dr. Manar Hosny (KSU), Mohammad Alaskar, Ahmad Bakhsh, Saif Alharthi, Nora Alsabti, Majda Alshehry, Norah Abokhodair, Aseel Aldawood, Dr. Sarah Alhumoud (Imam Univ), Raghad Almousa, Sultanah Alshammari, Noor Shaker, Razan Al-Shaikh, Tahani Misfer, Eman Habashi, Hessah Alsuwailem, Bayan Albatati, Dr. Rabia Jafri (KSU), Einas Noureddine, Atheer Alshaikhhussain, Fawziah Alqahtani, Dr. Raghad Allwihan […]