HCI Summer School Announcement!


We are delighted to announce the dates of the first ever HCI Summer School in the Arab world to be held in Riyadh from 26th to the 30th of August, 2018. The HCI Summer School is proposed for graduate students and professionals who are interested in a comprehensive overview of research and design methods in HCI. The summer school also aims to solidify, support and sustain the growth of the Arab HCI community and bridge connections with the global SIGCHI network. An important goal of this summer school is developing research capability. This summer school will provide new researchers with a systematic overview of the common research methods. It will enable experienced researchers to refine their skills, and learn new, alternative methods used in the area. Through lectures, practical case studies and hands-on activities, this summer school will focus on the protocols used in experimental research, the principles of designing and executing experiments, and techniques for hypothesis testing. Kindly, visit this link for more details about the event and grab a ticket!

Do not hesitate to contact us on admin AT kacstsigchi.hosting.acm.org, where chapter officers will be able to assist.

Join us and gain the knowledge necessary to conduct HCI research methods!

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